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The SciForums Museum of Banishment is a museum complex, administered and funded by SciForums. This museum serves as an educational and historic showcase of SciForums related exiles.

Structural design

The building itself is heralded as a masterpiece of postmodern architecture. The majority of the structure is made from curved glass within an intricate framework of diagnoally placed beams of shiny brushed titanium. The structure sits in the middle of a shallow recessed pond, which accentuates the aesthetics of the building by serving as a reflective pool. The floors and edges of the pool are made from black marble. A single elegant looking bridge leads across the pool into the main entrance of the museum.
The SciForums Banishment Museum is one of the first structures in the known universe to use a true 4 dimensional entrance. The genius who designed it (obviously some French dude) constructed it to amaze visitors as they entered the building. It's worth mentioning that some visitors find crossing an area composed of an extra spatial dimension to be a bit disorienting, and the handicapped or elderly are urged to use the normal 3 dimensional entrance.


Once inside, visitors are free to explore the museums numerous banishment oriented exhibits, many of which presented in the form of artifacts (placed inside or behind glass displays and dioramas).

Hall of prolific bannings

This section of the museum occupies the entire eastern wing. It features information about important SciForum members whose bannings were considered relevant or important. There is also a section devoted to historical banishment related events such as SciForums redemption month.

Permaban Wednesday exhibit

This exhibit is located in the western wing of the museum. In it is a large marble slab with the names of those who were permabanned, and a series of depressing photos. There's also a couple of tables with Egyptian mummies and some old-looking bricks with hieroglyphics written on them. The mummies and bricks have nothing to do with permaban Wednesday, but the museum curators decided they made the exhibit slightly less boring.

Spam exhibit

This exhibit is located close to the western wing. It contains hundreds of samples of deleted cellular phone advertisements, and an interactive area where visitors can spend a few moments sending fake spam to see what its like being a bot.


This is an exhibit featuring several species of live trolls from different continents. They are displayed in climate controlled cages which simulate their natural environment. Visitors are protected from having to listen to their crap by 2 inch thick sound proof glass barriers.

Showcase of racist pricks

This is a relatively small exhibit (connected to the Trollarium) containing various artifacts from banned racist SciForums members. There's also a mural on one wall comparing real genetic data (separated from socio-economics, nationalism, or philosophy) to someone using bullshit arguments and misinformation.

Sock puppets - guided tour

Every half hour, visitors may take a guided tour of the sock puppet section. This section is constantly updated with contemporary material due the never-ending stream of freshly banned sock puppets.

Gift shop

Towards the exit is a lovely gift shop. This store sells commemorative museum trinkets like bumper stickers, posters, coffee mugs, toys, and key chains. One very popular seller is the spuriousmonkey "Ban me now!" tee-shirt.