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Everything that science isn't, and more.

Imagine you have a hypothesis about what causes poor posture. Well...maybe not anything as formal as a hypothesis, but say you've got a website and Photoshop. And pictures of leaning models. Let's say next that you want to correlate posture with another major, directly related social issue like...I don't know...masturbation, say. Simply draw purple lines on the pictures of the models showing the angles at which their spines deviate from 90 degrees and hey presto! your sceantific analysis is complete.

Now, write some books and let the royalties and seminar requests come rolling in. They don't need to be long books. I'm sure you could fluff them up, though, if you need more money. Everyone knows that a bigger book is worth more, you see.

Sceance is used to differentiate lower-impact research from its better-heeled and more objective cousin, pseudoscience.

Sceance was accidently invented by East Korea during a toilet break.

Sceance should not be confused with seance, which is different.