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Sandy is a former member of SciForums. She was banned for impersonating Christine Brinkley.

One of the things that becomes glaringly obvious about this user is that she appears to perceive the world in very "black and white" terms. She ardently clings to a few loosely interpreted memes based on Christianity and the American Republican party, and has mislabeled herself Politically Incorrect hottie. As can be observed within the spectrum of discussions she participates in, she has chosen herself as SciForum's unofficial cheerleader for the stereotype.

Physical Appearance

Unconfirmed to date - Sandy claims that she is an extremely attractive female with a similar appearance to American movie star Christie Brinkley. It's anyone's guess why this is actually relevant in a text based topic oriented forum centered around Science-type stuff.


Sandy's homepage is The Liberals Must


Although she rarely states them since she is "afraid" of being warned by mods or being flamed by users and/or mods.

Thinks that Ann Coulter would make a good president.

Sandy wants all muslims to die.

Jesus created mankind and everything else.