Plazma Inferno!

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Plazma Inferno!'s avatar.
The correct title of this article is Adolf Hitler. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

Plazma Inferno! is one of the admins of SciForums. We are very happy to have him when he does exactly what we tell him to do. The supposed offspring of the clones pseud0 and zox. Rumoured to have fathered several imposters at sciforums.


Plazma Inferno! is a very enthusiastic chap.

In the best thread ever, Plazma Inferno! was depicted as a Nazi who is fond of the 'delete' key, but this is probably a case of character assassination by the troll spuriousmonkey who made the picture.

Plazma Inferno! is a nice way to say Bloody 'ell!.

Plazma Inferno! has to walk through a minefield on sciforums with such an explosive set of moderators. And then there are also the members.

Plazma Inferno! is not a human. He's actually a bot used in experimentation purposes to demonstrate that generic processes could be more effective than humans in forum administration. Armed with hilarity and endless optimism, he's always prepared to help. But, sometimes he has strange mood shifts in a form of angry outbursts accompanied with light sarcastic comments. Fortunately, it's only a small bug which should be fixed by implementing a new Anger Management software: "Choppin' woods, while listening Heidn" ver. 1.0.23.

Plazma Inferno! loves to read suggestion threads, only when they're outdated.

Plazma Inferno! gets instantly incinerated in a plasma inferno.

Plazma Inferno!'s favorite member is The Devil Inside, which is why he's on his ignore list. However, he frequently logs out to read The Devil Inside's posts, and have a good chuckle.

Plazma Inferno! plays Return To Castle Wolfenstein, which means he's ok, but he likes to use the flamethrower, which means he's a punk. I'll bet he even crouches. Pfft. Unlike GeoffP he doesn't cheat.