Medieval Total War

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Medieval Total War is the greatest game ever made for the PC (not counting the original Doom, simcity2000, civ2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and many others). It is the sequel to Shogun Total War.

This game combines turn based strategy with real time battles of epic proportions situated during the medieval era.

Sciforums and MTW

spuriousmonkey, The Devil Inside and nickelodeon regularly play MTW multiplayer. spuriousmonkey always wins except when the other ones have much more money or nickelodeon stabs spuriousmonkey in the back (which is quite an achievement, considering you can't declare war on your allies for some dumb reason, although the ally can of course destroy his half of the army in a suicidal action leaving spuriousmonkey out there totally awone (not a type).). Sock puppet path also joined in but his game kept crashing, conveniently just about the time he was about to lose.