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Iran is an evil country in the Middle East. They are planning to drop nuclear weapons on Israel and "Wipe them off the map".[citation needed] Iran is member of the Axis of Evil. Other nations belonging to the Axis of Evil are Syria and North Korea. Belgium tried had to get onto the list as well but nobody in the USA knew where Belgium was.

Iran is ruled by the anti-Christ, an evil midget called AImadinerjacket , who gets his guidance from the Dementors in the Harry Potter stories, which are actually designed to brainwash people into becoming confused between fantasy and reality. It is believed that the illuminati has a hand in this.[citation needed]


  • Iran is scheduled to be attacked by the USA in the spring of 2007. [1]
  • Iran state televsison runs a tape loop repeating "Death to America" over and over again.
  • Iran apparently has large oil reserves, but that's probably unimportant in World affairs. Especially if it wants to sell the fruits of these large oil reserves in Euros.
  • Spuriousmonkey once met a car dealer in Florida who said he was from Persia and he wondered how many cars this man would sell if he was from Iran?
  • Strangely, "Iran" is the motto of the Iraqi army.
  • Britain attempted to liberate Iran with 15 soldiers. [2]
  • Iran is preparing to launch mud missiles at US forces in the gulf.