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Intelligent design (ID) is an example of pseudoscience created to oppose the cornerstone of biology, the theory of evolution. ID is a modern form of creationism conceived to diminish the influence of scientific thought.

Basic argument of intelligent design

Intelligent design argues that life is so complex that it cannot have arisen by chance. Although the proponents of ID are usually vague about the cause of this complexity, it usually boils down to a supernatural entity.

Is intelligent design science?

The general consensus in the scientific community is that intelligent design is pseudoscience, and not a viable alternative theory to that of evolution for the following reasons:


  • ID cannot be tested, and is not capable of being falsified. Falsifiability is a fundamental characteristic of scientific theories.
  • Predictions cannot be made with ID. The ability to give predictions whereby viability can be tested is another fundamental characteristic of theories.
  • No ID articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals. This indicates that this belief cannot replace the theory of evolution.
  • There is no consensus on what ID actually is, precisely.


  • There is an ID museum, and museums are bastions of science.


  • God did it.
  • Whoever created humans was clearly not intelligent. In fact He was a complete moron.

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