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A homosexual is someone who is attracted to / sexually active with the same gender. Synonyms (mostly derogatory) include fairy, twinkle-toes, fag, queer, peter-puffer, poofter, ass-rammer, cock-sucker (in reference to males only), fudge-packer, uphill-gardener, pillow-biter, turd-burglar.

Generally categorized (sometimes derogatorily) as: good listeners, artistic, selfish, creative, effeminate, overly masculine, expressive, catty, hyper-sexual, body obsessed, activists, compassionate and loquacious.


The Devil Inside regularly plays Medieval Total War with spuriousmonkey but always loses because he has gay generals.

Buddha1 claimed that 95% of all men are homosexual.

Homosexual sex is a felony in the state of Virginia, as is any form of sodomy. But just what is "homosexual sex", anyway? Do homosexuals really have a distinct type of sex, not practiced by heterosexuals?

Not all gay men engage in anal sex. Some of them just simply dream about it. As do some heterosexuals, of course.

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