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gendanken is a member of SciForums. Gendanken was once a moderator of General Philosophy, but was removed from her post do to a vitriolic style of moderating. Overall a good Latina bitch, but with too much of a mouth to be anything but a novelty. In actual point of fact, Gendy appears to suffer from hypoplasia of the mandible. She claims she is beautiful, but in point of fact, she will not show a picture of herself. Not even on myspace. I wouldn't either if I look like this:

Gendanken once started a thread about ugliness [1]. She was making an inquiry into the nature of ugliness. Yet, she should know better than anyone the very precise nature of ugliness! Because she looks like this:


  • Gendy is a syphilitic AIDS infested wetback.
  • Gendy eats liver with fava beans and nice chianti.
  • Gendy was once a moderator, but because of her angry outbursts, she was removed[2](Thank you lucifers angel!)So she spewed an angry thread like a whinney child.[3] She hasn't been around much since then. This is sad for her sycophant Invert_nexus since he has nothing better to do but follow her around the forum like a puppy and agree with everything she says.
  • Gendy wishes that she could be as cool and likeable as users like Shorty37 and Lucifers angel, truth is, Gendy is an angry hateful bitch who has nothing better to do with her life than sit around and think of ways to regurgitate insults inspired by philosophy and classic literature that most people read when they are teenagers.
  • Gendy would drink her own pee, but shes a blood sucking vampire, and vampires don't pee. They do eat babies though!
  • Gendys anus is the orifice used for anal sex and is then a collector of semen or std.
  • Gendanken, a.k.a. Queen is best known for her brief ascension upon sciforums greatness, her vitriolic, bitter, yet soothingly stylish, posting and her not insignificant entourage. Her smelly vagina was a consistent vermin attractor and amongst her legions of insignificant bugs, she counted such sciforum notables as inverted_nexus, Mephura...Fenris Wolfe - who can tell the difference? - as well as a few spiders and reluctant lovers, such as spookz, a.k.a. Lord of the Flies.

Gendanken on a good day

Gendanken after a gang bang involving Wanderer, Invert Nexus, and Beelzebul

After a brief, yet incidental, obsession with Wanderer and a yet to be known stint as blue-collar, trailer-trash, hoochie, she soon accepted her isolation and scurried back under the rock she grew out of.

Incessantly preoccupied with her age and the coming end she, nonetheless, contributed a certain twist to a forum that has little to offer anyone with an I.Q. over 90.

Well, besides James R. and his I.Q. of 91. In his case scikingdom offers a false sense of intellectual integrity and self-indulgent mental vomiting.

I miss the old dog.