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Football is a game involving feet and a ball. Americans call it soccer and try to pretend that it doesn't exist. 2 billion people worldwide tend to disagree. But then what can you expect of a country that holds a Baseball World Series that only Americans are allowed to participate in? "Oh, quelle surprise - the fucking yanks won it again. :rolleyes:

If you are an American you are probably looking for the article yankball.

Football fans

Footie Quotes

  • "To win you have to score one more goal than your opponent." Johan Cruijff.
  • "Someone said 'football is more important than life and death to you' and I said 'Listen, it's more important than that'." - Bill Shankly, former Liverpool manager.
  • "Football's always easier when you've got the ball" Kevin Keegan.
  • "Without the ball, you can't win." Johan Cruijff.
  • "How can large corporations successfully leech off a sport that has only 3 potential commercial breaks in 90 minutes? It's crazy". - Dirk McCholesterol, McDonalds CEO.