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Definition 1

A dermal routine whereby substances such as whip cream, cucumbers, or plain bat shit are applied to the top of one's face for a certain amount of time in order to allegedly improve properties of the skin. Many beauty parlors and hair salons provide such procedures at either reasonable or exorbitant prices.

Def'n 2

A pornographic term used most commonly to refer to ejaculation of semen onto the face, or around the vicinity of the mouth.

Def'n 3

In American basketball, a facial occasionally refers to someone leaping over another person directly in front of his or her face, often in midst of a slam dunk or scoring point.


All other definitions aside, Facial is a member of Sciforums. He mostly makes short posts and interjects conversations, often inciting confusion or objection. The short and brief style of his posts roughly resembles that of spuriousmonkey. He is a committed socialist willing to apply the glorious tenets set forth by Comrade Jesus the Christ, Comrade Marx, Comrade Lenin, and Comrade Che.