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The F-14 tomcat is a fighter airplane which is probably best known for accommodating Tom Cruise's ass in the hit documentary Top Gun. In this documentary the life of Maverick, aka Tom Cruise, as a naval aviator is closely followed and his sexual escapades in bed and in the air are scrutinized in one of the first reality media projects.

The F-14 is also a highly successful fighter plane/interceptor of the Iranian air force.


Though Created in 19??...

F-14A Tomcat

First Model

F-14A+ Tomcat

Had an upgraded Pratt & Whitney engine. (Most likely it had TWO)

F-14B Tomcat

This time with General Electric engines.

F-14D Super Tomcat

Had improved missile, and radar capability. Though it had less speed capability compared to it's predacessors.

Proposed Replacements for the F-14

As many problems have arisen with the retirement of the F-14, new proposals have come out to solve the problem.

F-14 Tomcat 21 (T21)

This was proposed by Grumman as a potential replacement for the current serving F-14Ds. This aircraft would carry a mission somewhat similar to that of the Air Force's F-15E Strike Eagle. The idea was to retain many of the roles of the original tomcats, while significantly increasing it's ground attack capability. This new airframe would include better radar systems.

F-14 Super Tomcat 21 (ST21)

This model included some large improvements which included a better fuel system that would supposedly "double" the range of the aircraft. Another improvement was a slightly modified airframe that would allow better maneuverability. Other improvements included better radar systems.

F-14 Attack Super Tomcat 21 (AST21)

This model was very similar to the ST21, but had an even larger fuel capacity. This model also had thicker wings to drastically improve weapons loads.


On Sciforums people mostly wonder whether the F-14 can beat the F/A-18 [1], a pointless question since the air battle is mainly determined by the pilot. In this case Maverick and Goose have shown to be able to beat the best of the best of their own and of the enemy. The only sensible question is whether Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen would beat Tom Cruise in a dog fight, or whether the Fokker Dr.I triplane would beat the F-14 tomcat.


If keyboards were wider, there would surely be an F-14 on them.


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