East Korea Warm Current

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The East Korea Warm Current is a current running north at the western edge of the Sea of Japan, and which flows along the eastern border of the People's Republic of East Korea and is named after the nation of East Korea[1]. The East Korea Warm Current collides with the North Korea Cold Current and then flows eastward into the Sea of Japan, where it is responsible for innumerable shipwrecks on the shore of East Korea. The East Korea Warm Current may contribute greatly to the warm, moist climate experienced in East Korea, which may be felt most strongly in GeoffP City.

The East Korea Warm Current may be partially responsible for the rash of attacks by sharks or even tuna on human beings. Several international environmental groups including Greenpeace might have protested the widespread release of organochlorines, bovine growth hormones and raw sewage into the East Korea Warm Current by East Korea.

Scientists might have claimed that the wastewater of Port Spurious might contribute to the warming of the East Korea Warm Current[2].