Destructive animals

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Animals that just live to destroy their environment. see sciforum posters.


They are brought up to enjoy raping their planet.

The Beaver

The beaver does not like the world. It insists on flooding it. The beaver is also a slang word for the genitalia of the human female. This is no coincidence. The vagina of the woman is the most destructive element known in this universe.


You may think they are harmless as they sit there purring, but they are plotting Earths downfall. Casually destroying couches and table legs, they are a menace.


Women live to destroy men.


Dogs do not seem that evil, but in fact they enjoy defacing the planet with their abundant dog 'droppings'. Some scientists say that dogs forced the evolution of man making humans more intelligent so that humans could invent dog food in supermarkets that made the production of dog poo more efficient and reliable.


woowoo! Not going to touch this one! The are determined to eat the World.


Robots were designed to help humans, but they turned on their masters and tried to turn the atmosphere into pure C02. Luckily they failed and these events were covered up by the illuminati, while everyone was distracted by American Idol. If you believe all that then the matrix is working as it should.