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Is a negative density of energy. It permeates all of spacetime, and will inexorably responsible for either the product of an open universe, or a closed universe.

If the universe expands for ever, dark energy will disipate, and gravity will loosen in the universe, and cause a big rip... One event after this might actually be a singular end: A singularity of the end of Spacetime. Horayy!!!


The Cosmological Energy Constant, is found to be way below the calculated value. It is a massive 122 times of magnitudes smaller than what it should be. Why, is still unexplainable, but the Ekpyrotic Cosmological Theory could explain this, with each collision made between two universes decreases the Cosmological value.

El Problemo

The real problem with the Cosmological Constant today as explained, is that it is around 10^20 times smaller than the magnitude of what should be predicted from Big Bang... However, if the Siamese twin theory is correct, then the value in the Cosmological Constant appears to be smaller because the collisions of the two universes have brought it gradually down - thus, one might imagine the Big Bang to have occurred many, many times.