Captain Cigarette

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Captain Cigarette is an East Korean superhero.

Orphaned when his parents - the proprietors of a whole-foods health food store - were murdered for only having $3.50 in the till, Captain Cigarette has devoted his life to fighting crime and healthy living. That is, fighting healthy living, not living it. We all have our blind spots.

His fighting powers include i) burning people with his 'coffin nails', ii) flicking burning butts at people's heads and iii) bashing people over the head with empty Baccardi bottles - or worse, full ones.

He is also able to generate a dense smokescreen at will by exhaling the air in his lungs.

The highly industrial East Korean environment has also given rise to several other mutant heroes and villains including Emmy Physema, Seth Ticemia and Sir Ohsis.

His Super-Acquaintances include Major Dysentery, Ginger Vitis and May Opia. His sidekick is NicoTeen.

Captain Cigarette preparing for his ongoing battle with Emmy Physema and Sir Ohsis