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Or did you mean Biology & Genetics (SciForums subforum)?


Biology as an oppressive belief

Biology is a system of religious belief invented by atheists in an attempt to objectively 'prove' that none of them are going to burn in Hell. Chief Druid of the Biologicians is Charles Darwin - a creature so perverted that he thrice tried to burn Noah's Ark in an attempt to promote the myth that goo morphed into you. Biology is therefore considered to be the domain of crackpots and zealots.

Biology as an objective science

Biology is the study of life in the sense that it studies the living organisms, their relationships, their relationship to their environment, their development and their evolution.


Before atheists claimed biology as their own propaganda tool it was called Natural History and rightfully used to prove the existence of God. This changed dramatically (although the signs were already there before) with the introduction of the Theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin. It decentralized the position of humans in the living world placing them in the animal kingdom as merely a branch of life. Strangely, no one seemed any happier at this realization.