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http://home.comcast.net/%7Einfinitycrops/fflag.jpg WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN FRENCH PEOPLE OR CULTURE.
Americans are advised to turn on their hatred, everybody else be beware of the stink of garlic and poor hygiene.

Anti-americans are people who dislike everything or something American. Notable anti-americans are the French, muslims, terrorists, liberals, socialists, communists and people. Anti-americans will go to hell and the all loving God hates them.

If you hate America you hate Freedom, Democracy and God. If you love America you will pay little attention to US Foreign Policy.


  • spuriousmonkey is allegedly an anti-american, but how can that be if his son is an American? Because he hates his son? No, his son is only 1 years old. He will only start hating him once he is a teenager.
  • spuriousmonkey's 1-year-old American son has adopted the name Elmer and secretly goes out to buy ridiculously oversized Hawaiian shirts, in defiance of his dismayed father. He is also a card-carrying member of the NRA.