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Xev is a member of sciforums. Her cult status had reached such biblical proportions that she had to leave sciforums. Xev used to be a moderator of General Philosophy. Although it was often assumed she was in fact a he with a humongous belly and manboobs a series of revealing photographs in 2006 proved otherwise.

Together with a few other undisclosed Sciforums members Xev participated in Sciforums discussions under the name of FoxMulder, generally making fun of pseudoscience and religion nuts.

Xev is a gigantic D&D geek. But Third Edition, not Second Edition, which magnifies her geekery.

Modus Operandi

Xev often made her opponents in flamewars feel like they were nothing more than slime or worse impotent men.

Members that would totally fuck xev

Cowboy, Gustav, invert_nexus, john smith, Mosheh Thezion, Roman, Satyr, Xerxes, Jaybee from his cast, Sock puppet path, spidergoat, stretched, Thor.[1]

And spuriousmonkey of course.

Xev: " A bit chubby, but worth one."

Xev, perfect, for an urban hermit in all ways ....but one.