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Some feminists may claim that all the best ideas in Science are by women. e.g. the Kevlar vest. Inspite of this they are frequently given smaller offices (without windows) and treated like second class citizens by the males (with their measly tiny Y chromosome). "Women are tolerated in science because they are nice to look at", declare these sex-starved men.

These claims are largely based on emerging stories of suppression of women, because the oppressive majority of the greatest (ha!) scientists have been men with beards or moustaches, and hairy testicles. Women do not have any of these, and are genetically incapable of growing them (having two X chromosomes instead of just one, they are fully functional and require no facial hair or hairy balls to overcome a sense of inadequacy, as perceived by the one and a half chromosome carriers). It is widely believed by brain dead males that the growth of facial hair and testicles created science. This belief has resulted in the creation of weapons in the shape of phallic symbols (WMDs) by these male scientists, most of whom are poorly endowed. (see The Morality of Scientists)

See also pipetteer.

Famous Female scientists (all three of them)

  • Madam Curie
  • Sally Ride
  • Jane Goodall