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A member of the female gender (actually either gender) who engages in the practice of magic or the channeling of supernatural forces outside the official realm of organized Christian religion.

How to recongize a Witch?

  • witches float on water
  • witches do not burn in a fire
  • witches usually have warts on their nose
  • witches use magical power to confuse men to do their bidding - for instance marry them.
  • witches can fly on broomsticks (hence man invented the hoover)
  • witches are often seen with less reliable members of the animal kingdom, such as horned or other toads, black cats and snakes.

Known Witches

  • S.A.M. - She floats.
  • Oli - He corrected the witch wiki entry.

Witch Trivia

  • male witches are known as warlocks (untrue - "witch" and "warlock" are actually ranks/ grades of witchcraft - there can be male and female witches and warlocks).
  • the Spanish Inquisition got rid of most witches