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http://home.comcast.net/%7Einfinitycrops/sperm.jpg WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN SMALL TRACES OF SEMEN.
Anyone with a receptive vagina should proceed with extreme caution.

A mammal that lives in the ocean and looks like a big fish. The Blue Whale is the largest living creature on the planet, reaching lengths in excess of 100 feet. It's also the loudest - its low-frequency calls can reach volumes of up to 188 decibels, and can travel for many miles underwater. For comparison, jumbo jets average around 140dB, whilst human shouting averages around 70dB (although army sargeant majors can shout at volumes approaching 105½ dB). Anything over 120dB is painful to human ears. [1]

The most charismatic whale is the killer whale which is technically not really a whale, yet it is a bit.

The most ugly whale is by far the beluga whale.

Whales are peaceful graceful animals, therefore quite naturally humans are adamant they be slaughtered and chopped up alive ASAP.

Sperm whales were thought to contain a copious amount of semen in their head, till someone discovered that it isn't semen[2].