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The correct title of this article is dirty communist. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

vslayer is a member of SciForums and one of three moderators of Free Thoughts.

Born in christchurch in 1990, at age 4 he moved to the small rural town of southbridge. In 2006 with NCEA level 1 qualifications, he dropped out of ellesmere college in protest of their educational policies. he then went on to dairy farming where he remained until late january 2007. he is currently unemployed.


Vslayers political beliefs cannot be attributed to any one political party, although he associates greatly with the green and progressive parties; believing in social welfare, environmental protection, and civil liberties


  • vslayer likes cars and wrecking cars.
  • vslayer has written off 3 cars, from a total of 5 serious crashes.
  • vslayer likes cows.