USS Exeter

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WMDs in progress, proceed with caution.
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USS Exeter
Gender: Male
Biography: Knowledge gained through the World Wide Web
Location: Homeless
Occupation: None Specified
Species: Socialist


USS Exeter has performed many great acts to society as we know it.

Recently, a biography was written about him by draqon, detailing all of his greatest exploits in his life. But GeoffP, seeing as this would eclipse his greatness in the face of the East Korean public, sought to destroy this work. Seeing that draqon obviously had no way of stoping the crazed ruler, he was unable to stop the draft from getting into Geoff's hands. After this, the biography was promptly published with the title of "GeoffP, the Great Leader of East Korea, and All of His Achievments", it now resides in the People's Library.


His biggest achievement so far is the formation of the USLR, or United Sovereign Lemon Republic. Named particularly because all of his executives are Lemon Heads.
The flag of the USLR


Exeter plans to start an anti-American militia in Iceland. The idea as well as the location is still unknown to top American minds to this day.

Mathematical Career

Exeter also discovered the mathematical formula for human existence.

<math>l = 314 + 412(Pi)</math>

SciForums Life

Exeter shows up occasionally on Sci-Forums. His post count has been steadily rising because of more frequent visits.

Love Life

Exeter is in love, or should one say "was" in love with Varda. Sadly, like every other man on sciforums has known, he found out that she was already married.

It has also been reported that he has numerous girlfriends at his high-school.


  • Exeter enjoys drinking Varda's pee
  • Exeter actually has beautiful hair wig cut from a beautiful horses tail
  • Exeter does not look like Robert Picardo
  • Exeter does not own a ship called the USS Exeter
  • Like Roman enjoys watching female gymnastics
  • Can run 400 meters in under a minute[Citation No Longer Needed]
  • Is the greatest leader in the world, contrary to popular belief in East Korea