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Also known as snotwuh.

In online forums, a user title is a phrase that appears with a user's name. In vBulletin forums, the default user titles give some indication of that user's post count or role; eg a user with fewer than 100 posts may have a title of Junior Member, while moderators may have a title of Moderator. [1]

Custom User Title

In many vBulletin based forums, including Sciforums, users may change their title at will. A user title that has been modified by the user is called a Custom User Title. The content of custom user titles is limited only by the user's imagination! And the 30-character limit.

Notable custom titles

  • WWAD - What would Athelwulf do?. Used by existabrent and beryl. See also WWAD
  • OOO....OOO..(OE..OE) A philosophical statement by a monkey with translation into monkey dutch in brackets. Used by spuriousmonkey.
  • Registered Senior Sock Puppet - The only registered senior sock puppet allowed on sciforums. Used by sock puppet path.
  • Big tasty retard - Because he is. Used by The Devil Inside.
  • Refined Reinvention is about Cool Skill's consistent change over time resulting in a consistently completely brand new and improved form with respect to every particular. Used by Cool Skill.
  • Be qiuet: genuis at wrok. - Used previously by redarmy11. Because he is. So you should.
  • Everyone you know will die. - Used previously by redarmy11. Because they will.
  • Irons his underpants. - Used currently by redarmy11. Because he does.
  • truth decay - Used by nickelodeon. Probably referring to sciforums' glory days or not.
  • Evil doubleplus wrongthinker - Orwellian reference by GeoffP to samcdkey's baiting him about what "all right-thinking people" believe, as if there were any such people or they believed anything.
  • Wholly profit - this one was done by GeoffP just to piss sam off. Seems to have worked all right.  :)