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  "...I do support smaller corporations as well as large, respectable, corporations. But as many people can be exploited by  
  large corporations because of the seemingly "unlimited power" that capitalism has granted it. Currently, corporations such 
  as this are a disease of this earth, as all they do is buy and consume more and more of our culture for their own selfish 
  gain. If life is to be improved here in America (or the rest of the world for that matter), people must see what 
  capitalism has done to our culture. If most of the people in this world have the least bit of sense in them, we must    
  abolish the power that all of these "imperial" corporations hold against us."
  "One thing you know about us men is this, if we can't fuck it, we'll kill it! You know what I'm saying?"
  • Ent-B when explaining life