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The correct title of this article is Awesome Goddess. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

S.A.M. is a member of SciForums and the ex-moderator of Science and Society and Biology and Genetics. She changed her name to S.A.M. or Simulated Articulate Machine, possibly to confuse Baron Max and shake off an official FBI investigation. She is a paid propagandist spreading Muslim doctrine into the minds and hearts of peace loving Christians all over the world.

As a Muslim, she must constantly defend her faith against Christians, Jews and Atheists. Or as she calls them: pigs, dogs and apes. S.A.M. feels there are too few threads about her [citation needed].


S.A.M. allegedly posted a picture of her boobs once on SciForums. This picture was retracted and only a select few (superluminal et al) had the pleasure of admiring her mammary glands. A reconstruction of this picture was subsequently made by Sock puppet path in the best thread ever, which was created by redarmy11.

S.A.M.'s image was recently recovered on the thread 'Banning SAM' - [1]

- Thus far 115 hard drives have added this image, however this figure needs to be revised annually.


S.A.M. is a paid propagandist [2]. Her rate is $100,000 per malicious fact.

S.A.M.'s favourite food is kittens - boiled, baked or fried.

S.A.M. likes shredding rodents, but doesn't eat pig.

S.A.M. is a possible gay male, or transvestite (if you add the boobs). [3]

S.A.M. screams "Allahu Akhbar" every 20 minutes as a result of her incurable tourettes.

S.A.M. has an insatiable craving for more smilies[4].

S.A.M. is an ascended being [5]

S.A.M. was demoted from modship for her "personal" views [6]

S.A.M.'s boobs point to Israel[7].

S.A.M. is a confirmed anti-white, anti-American, anti-atheist, anti-semitic "hater" who is incapable of seeing the big picture [8]

S.A.M. was banned more in the last six months of 2009 [one month, fifteen days] than she was for the three years before that [zero days]

S.A.M.'s high profile provokes intense opinions [9], even when she is not there.

Quotes about S.A.M from her detractors

One might suspect from time to time that sam has balls and occasionally pees into the wind, but I never suspected sam actually grew a dick.[10]

I think people need to get over the idea that SAM is special.[11]

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