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Pete's avatar.

Pete is a member of SciForums and one of the moderators of Physics & Math.

[Key Words]: Conspiracy

Where is Pete?

Pete was largely absent from Sciforums for the month of February 2007, leading Nickelodeon to speculate that he was imaginary, and draqon to report his untimely demise. Happily, Pete returned to Sciforums in March 2007, and indicated that the report of his death was an exaggeration. [1]

Where is Pete alternative theories

  • Rumour has it that the returned Pete is in fact a bot that has disposed of the real Pete.
  • Another theory is that Pete never existed - he was dreamt up by the collective conciousness of the SciForums membership. What remains today is the residue of a persistent memory.


  • There is no dirt to be found on Pete (reference doesn't exist).
  • And now that he has left, there never will be. [2]