United Sovereign Lemon Republic

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Founded in the year 44141 B.C., the USLR is the greatest country in the world. It is currently at war with East Korea.

United Sovereign Lemon Republic
Government Type: Banana Republic
Economy: Communism
Founded: 44141 B.C.
Founder: USS Exeter


USS Exeter founded this country because he had nothing better to do. He named it the United Sovereign Lemon Republic partly because all of the executives are lemon heads.



The goverment for the USLR is a Banana Republic, meaning anyone convicted of a crime can buy their way out of any conviction. Even though the USLR is a crime-infested territory because of this, the goverment has a large amount of money for it to use for its military.

Dictator for Life

Exeter is hailed the "Great Leader" in this country. His image is held dearly as a god.


All of the high ranking officials under USS Exeter are Lemon Heads.



No one knows where the USLR is located.

Friendly Countries

All countries are friend of the greatest country in the world. Except East Korea. And, um... well, most of the others, actually. Except China. ie, certain provinces of.


The USLR is currently at war with East Korea.

East Korea

East Korea declared war on the USLR when a Lemon Head insulted the leader of East Korea's genitals, and stated how small they were compared to that of the "Great Leader".

Land Combat

USLR Troops are highly disciplined in the art of ninjaism as displayed here:


When it comes to non-infantry units the USLR uses a varity of tanks and Dog Shit-Launchers.

Sea Combat

To combat East Korea's SWFLBATTHs, USLR uses AWG-53B Penis Cruise Missiles.

Main article: AWG-53B Penis Cruise Missile
An AWG-53B in flight towards an EK SWFLBATTH. Unfortunatly the missile was a dud, and that single damn SWFLBATTH continued to perform many other vicious acts against humanity subsequently.


  • For an USLRan, it is considered sincere to wipe your shit all-over your host's bathroom walls during a house party
  • An insult to the "Great Leader" results in the forced self-removal of one's testicles
  • The United Sovereign Lemon Republic is the greatest country in the world