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The original name was USS Enterprise-B. WARNING: This article seems to have been written by a particularly dense, blind dyslexic.
You can improve it by translating it into something vaguely resembling English.
Ent-B is an aviator musketeer on Sciforums.


He enjoys sucking up to superiors while simultaneously stabbing them in the back.

SciForums Life

Ent-B is considered a troll if anything else. Making him a prime target for moderators and supermoderators alike. Though the administrators seem to favor him. It's food for thought...

And after awhile, Ent-B renamed himslelf USS Athens.


These are all the names Ent-B can be refered by:

  • USS Enterprise-B
  • Enterprise-B
  • Ent-B
  • USS Athens
  • Athens


  • Enterprise wanted to become an F-14 pilot, but ever since they retired it in favor of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (Why!?!), he has decieded to become an airliner pilot
  • Enterprise is a virgin
  • Enterprise is the only SciForums member that does not drink his own pee
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  • Enterprise's homepage, [1]

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