USLR-East Korean War

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A war between the United Sovereign Lemon Republic and East Korea.

United Sovereign Lemon Republic-East Korean War
Goverments: USLR - East Korea
Years: 2001-
USLR Casualties 1 - 1 Lemon Head
East Korean Casualties 300 - 300 Sharpshooters

War History


War Begins

A Lemon Head makes a rude coment about the East Korean leader [1].East Korea summuned 300 of their best, sniper/scout/stealth operations troopers to go kill the Lemon Head.

East Korea Strikes Back

Seven bullets are put into the body of the Lemon Head by the work of 300 East Korean Sharpshooters.

Three Strikes, East Korea's Out

All 300 of the sharpshooters are killed by USLR ninjas.
A battalion of USLR ninjas getting ready to go crucify some EKs.


East Korean Misinformation Agency

This article was created to misinform the East Korean people.

Great Patriotic War

Most striking of all was that the article stated that the war only lasted two days, when it in fact had been going on for eight years.

Campaign of Misinformation

  • A terrible campaign of misinformation has swept internet blogs, new sites and wikis. Chief among them was the accusation that East Korea and USLR don't exist, which may, or may not be true for USLR, but East Korea definitely exists.


  • East Korea has never lost a war.
  • USLR wins all of their wars.
  • In war, everybody loses.