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A troll is a member of an Internet discussion forum whose main objective is to disrupt discussion by posting insults, off-topic remarks, and incorrect replies. They aim to provoke a negative reaction from other members. Trolls are thus a vital ingredient in making forums fun. Everyone loves a good troll and hates a bad troll.

Troll types

Copy Paste troll

The copy paste troll copies pastes random pieces of text often passing them off as their own to further their agenda. He also gives links to extremely long internet pages that are supposed to support his viewpoints but never do. Naturally he never pinpoints where these long articles support his views and wastes the opposition's time.

Examples of a Copy-Paste Troll

Buffalo Roam

Source Wizard

The copy paste troll should not be confused with the source wizard. The source wizard is able to find a fitting and appropriate reference within 29 seconds.

Examples of a Source Wizard


Infamous Trolls on SciForums

spuriousmonkey His America-bashing is of such trollesque nature that 'trolling' doesn't quite describe it.

valich Held to be a troll extraordinaire and/or brain damage victim.

The Devil Inside is the king of green trolls and likes to drink his own pee. He is known for picking one member out of the crowd and harrassing said member until his fingertips bleed.

Absane Self-proclaimed troll by his snotwuh.

avatar Never really posting anything of substance, rather prefers to troll.

nickelodeon just a mean-spirited troll. Mainly becasue he hates baby Jesus and wants to spray mace in his cute little face.

barbiegirl14 Randomly posts annoying posts about her life and like why she was like using like the word like too much and like why she like can't speil poperly.