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Tiassa's avatar.

Tiassa is a member of SciForums and one of the moderators of Ethics, Morality, & Justice. He is among the very first regular visitors of SciForums, and was the first member to break the 10,000-post milestone. He is known for his long, well thought-out posts.

Those who disagree with Tiassa find him to be an unbelivably long winded blowhard, except he somehow converts the wind into letters, which he then puts on the internet, in a public forum, for everyone to suffer through. Those objecting to his methane-laden windage and fair, objective insulting of the debater's intelligence in place of reason are usually given a 2 or 5 point infraction.

The name Tiassa is derived from the work of fantasy author Steven Brust. A tiassa is a large, winged cat, although the user name refers more directly to the House of the Tiassa. The House of the Tiassa is one of seventeen houses–essentially ethnic groups–within Brust's fantasy world of Dragaera. Each of the seventeen houses bears certain characteristics of its corresponding animal. In the case of the House of the Tiassa, the shared characteristics are generally and metaphorically feline. This is widely considered to be the geekiest choice of avatar name possible and for the lamest of reasons; one can only guess that "Mike Hunt" was not available at the time.

Strangely, Tiassa rarely reads serial fantasy, though Mr. Brust is one of his favorite authors. Besides Dr. Seuss, of course.