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Theoryofrelativity' was a member of sciforums.

Her user name refers to the theories postulated by physicist Albert Einstein. Other users eventually began to refer to her by the acronym TOR.

Sciforums history

TOR was an active participant in the forums for quite some time. At some point, there was some sort of altercation between her, a few members (I think?), and the moderators, and she was permabanned. Later, she reappeared, and participated in the forums again for a short while (going by the name "Creative Fossil"). There was another altercation, and she was eventually banned again. She also appeared to make one final post under the name "ToR", but was banned a third time.

Nowadays, TOR's activities are the sciforum's equivalent to Che Guevara in his later years - living on the fringes outside the message board, complaining about the "corrupt" system, and perpetually on the lam whenever she resurfaces........of course, a couple of major differences is she is not starving to death, and she has a slightly smaller beard.