The Great Downtime

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The Great Downtime- ,is the period when Sciforums mysteriously ceased to exist without any warning. David Watanabe (Porfiry), previous owner of the site, went trekking through Africa[1] and the server went down from April 21, 2005, until May 27, 2005, and again for a time in July. This caused great panic and if there had been more active members at the time this could well have caused a stockmarket crash in the real world.

Many of the weaker members flocked to the other science forums and actually put effort into posting there or becoming a mod. This betrayal gutted the spirit of sciforums which never recovered. Why oh why? Porfiry! Why? Why?

Some traitor members went to The Science Forum[2]

  • Sciforums's temporary haven thread on The Science Forum [3]