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The Cesspool is a subforum for SciForums for unintelligent discussion. It has no assigned moderator. GeoffP once attempted to ride an upswell of general indifference to Cesspool Mod, but was eventually crushed by his running opponent, a large rock.

One cannot start a thread in the Cesspool; a mod, supermod, or admin will move threads they deem inane or unintelligent to the Cesspool. Posts here don't count towards one's post count.

Cult status

Although originally the Cesspool was created to dump undesirable content and threads and hence send a signal to the creators of this content, the Cesspool quickly gained a cult status. Post were purposely created there because it was believed the Cesspool was cool. This led to the removal of the ability to create threads there. This only slightly diminished its cult status.

This attitude towards the Cesspool is not shared by all members. Members which specialize in posting pseudoscientific content often lose interest in their thread once it is moved there. Other more open-minded members see the Cesspool as an opportunity to post content that is not acceptable in the proper subforums. Cultists of the Cesspool are known for imbibing urine.

Famous Cesspool threads

The cult of Wes thread [1].

The Word Association thread [2], currently the longest thread on Sciforums


Nickelodeon is the moderator of the Cesspool