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I leapt excitedly in the air to go to the best film site on the net and look up the synopsis and reviews for "Misspelling Gandhi". Then it occurred to me that it's all just a cruel trick... yes (I won't be made a fool of, and will resist the temptation to check myself until you confess)? - redarmy11

I've now read the Gandhi page. And there my interest ends. It's got Tom Cruise in it. :bugeye: redarmy11


Well, precisely. He's only ever made one half-decent film. I would have gone for Joe Pecsi: "Listen, you Brits, you muthafuckin' pieces a shit, I ain't leavin' no goddamn province, you can kiss my motherfuckin' ass, you lousy sons--of-a-bitch." Oscar material, surely? - redarmy11