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All right! My page is more popular than the page for Fox News! On a...tiny internet community. Oh well.

And it's not much more popular. That's probably bad, either way you spin it. GeoffP

  1. How I spurned spuriousmonkey to elope with GeoffP. An Autobiography by Jessica Alba.


Letters from admirers

Dearest Geoff

I have read this extraordinarily long document many times and can see no mention of moi :(

I may have to ditch the poochinkins and leave only 'teddybear'.

x ps. I'm not digging the likeness.

Geoff is too busy masturbating to read your message.

O very well: thou shalt have thy say, O teddybear poochikins fan. GeoffP

Other crap

"Geoff has been lauded as the most desireable man on the planet Earth after the elephant man and that guy from beauty and the beast"???? Who DARES defame the Godhead of MYUU?!? That's it; I'm coming back. There will be a reckoning, I reckon. - Geoff

LMFAO - who redirected "bastard" to me? Kudos! I spilt my bloody coffee, I was laughing so hard. GeoffP

what kind of snails are you working with? Spuriousmonkey 15:16, 3 April 2007 (EDT)

Littorina. Bleh. GeoffP

I touched patella vulgata when I was a student. Spuriousmonkey 16:08, 3 April 2007 (EDT)
Well, I'm sure that was thrilling for you, but you really shouldn't use that kind of language in a scientific encyclopedia. What would Athelwulf think? Strange name though: was she foreign? GeoffP

Snails suck.
You suck. You probably like gay generals. GeoffP
And they like you, don't they? Go on. They do. Want a hanky? It's ok. Get it all out. =p GeoffP
Not as much as Gay snails.
That's true. I'll bet TDI likes ghey snails. GeoffP

What the hell is the Athelwunf thing about? GeoffP

a typo probably Spuriousmonkey 04:36, 7 April 2007 (EDT)
what, you typoed "Athelwunf"? seriously GeoffP
I hereby claim responsibility for that. The Athelwunf thing. I just think it sounds better. It's satisfyingly crunchy. redarmy11
don't get me wrong, I think "Athelwunf" sounds good, but why am I linked on Athelwunf? I think you people may be insane. GeoffP

Woah HOOOOoooo!!! TonL6j, don't slash my Cyc, dork. Unbelievable. You lot see what he did? What a dick. G