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Suck: ie. you suck, it sucks etc.

The whole nature of sucking is based on the premise that one, must be inept at a chosen activity, so inept in fact that one, in the said act of ineptitude, is rather similar to a newborn, whose only range of experience revolves around that of sucking.

Were one, for example, to furnish the newborn with a tasty meal in a plate and a knife and fork, the newborn will disregard the source of the nutrition ie. the tasty meal, and, instead would more than likely pick up the knife and start sucking on it.

The outcome of this misadventure is of course that the newborn would injure itself and with any luck, completely cut its tongue off. In many ways this is a godsend because without a tongue, even the act of sucking would be impossible and consequently the little former sucker would simply perish.

Things that suck

  • Black holes supposedly suck.
  • Vacuum cleaners suck.
  • Getting caught doing 55 in a school zone really sucks.
  • People who do 55 in a school zone suck.
  • Metakron thinks spuriousmonkey sucks.
  • You suck.