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The correct title of this article is spidergoat. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

spidergoat is a member of SciForums and was moderator of General Philosophy, Politics, and World Events. His forum name is a reference to genetically modified goats that produce milk with spider's web protein. [1]

spidergoat doesn't like the idea that information about Sciforums members is gathered in one place, namely this place, because then it can be used against those users in arguments and for stalking. [2] This prompted Nickelodeon to trawl through all 11,000 of his posts to dig up as much personal information as possible.

Spidergoat resigned as moderator after hypewaders epiphany over how much he has wasted his life as a moderator and left, encouraging Spidergoat to do so as well, Spidergoat complied, suggest that they are gay lovers.


  • Spidergoat eats his own kittens.
  • It is rumoured that spidergoat may be a goatonapolist[3].