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Special Moderators from left to right: Absane, James R, and Athelwulf
A Special Moderator is a moderator with one special task, to relentlessly target, and ban any type of troll or vandel on SciForums. It is impossible to resist their will.


After multiple attempts to track down the some vandals on SciForums, James R, the group leader, created a "special" team of the best mods. These moderators are feared even higher than that of administrators.


Their first kill was Spuriousmonkey, who though to their dismay, was trying to get himself banned. Thus this was not a true victory for the group.

Recently, troll Nickelodeon was banned on a thread made to honor him. [1] As star-crossed Nickelodeon (who had taken the guise as 'Nikelodeon') enjoyed the attention the other members were giving him, he was taken out by lead special James R himself in front of many members including, USS Exeter, redarmy11, and inzomnia.

Phase II

After a long time, it seemed that a newer combination of special moderators were necessary to ban/delete all of the troublesome members.

It is not yet known who the new system models will be. Many speculate that vSlayer will be the lead member for the Phase II program.


It should be known that Plazma Inferno plans to use the special moderators to destroy most of the american military network, making them prone to attack.

Originally Posted By Plazma Inferno!
"Once America is destroyed, the world shall be in balance once again..."


Only the best and well trusted members are brought into this elite circle, once your in, there is certainly no getting out.


Phase II Models