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Space is big. Really big. No, honestly, it's enormous. Take the biggest thing that you can think of, multiply it's size by 10, glue some wheels on it, and it still won't be even half the size of space.

Unless the thing you were thinking of was space. Which is cheating, really. You should be ashamed of yourself. You think you're so smart but you're nothing. Nothing.

A pedant writes: [Puts on poncy voice] Actually space can be any size except zero. Then there is no space.

The Space Key on your Keyboard

The space key on your keyboard is the most important key on it, but is nowhere as big, as space.


  • Technically, space is not empty, but teeming with particles and anti-particles fizzing in and out of existence so fast you cant see them. Makes you wonder how scientists can possibly know that. These particles borrow energy "from the future" then release it upon annihilation. Some have speculated that it may be possible to access this "zero point energy". But such men are insane.