Socialism vs. Capitalism

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It is possible that other people may hold a different opinion.
A debate that is mainly considered the West versus the East.


Main article: Socialism
The universal symbol of socialism

Originally based off of the teachings and philosophy of Karl Marx, socialism was what he, and later Vladimir Lenin believed to be the future of humanity.


Main article: Capitalism

Created in the United States of America after it's founding in 1776, capitalism allows business owners to make many decisions such as setting your own prices, what you sell, and the right to have no interference from the government.


Here now in the 21st Century, capitalism is subject to harsh since it allows "too much" freedom, as they say.

The Debate

Seeing that capitalism allows corperations to exploit workers and 3rd world contries, most SciForums members are not pleased with the system. [1] However, others are completely oblivious to this. [2] [3] [4]

Memorable Quotes

  "...I do support smaller corporations as well as large, respectable, corporations. But as many people can be exploited by  
  large corporations because of the seemingly "unlimited power" that capitalism has granted it. Currently, corporations such 
  as this are a disease of this earth, as all they do is buy and consume more and more of our culture for their own selfish 
  gain. If life is to be improved here in America (or the rest of the world for that matter), people must see what 
  capitalism has done to our culture. If most of the people in this world have the least bit of sense in them, we must    
  abolish the power that all of these "imperial" corporations hold against us." - USS Athens
  "Everyday I wonder how we have regressed, to live in a system of rule which is of no benefit to the Populous only to a 
  small minority. And that minority is dragging us all back to the brink of 100 years ago.
  Is it the same savage ideals and greed that have wiped out all the other dominating power in history, are we on the brink  
  of civilization change, the colapse of the old , the birth of the new.............?
  People like Clusteringflux who do not read what is written but pick out words which they associate with negatives then put 
  the words together to make something which they can vent their anger and frustration at...
  I feel this is done because the dis-illusionment felt with knowledge that what/who you believe are doing whats right for  
  you (as the government should) is in fact doing what is right for themselves and the people are nothing but funders.
  Oh and clusteringflux if by some chance you think i'm some sort of loopy fanatical terrorist I'm afraid i'm not.....And 
  perhaps if the US government had ears and listened, then there would be no need for " reign of terror" because it could  
  have been sorted out... ...or perhaps they just picked words out...?
  Look if you take the words above and mix them up we can create all sort's of different sentences and I can be what ever  
  you think I am....Mad possibly..Wrong, no chance Coco." - Pinocchio's Hoof