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shorty_37 is a SciForums member.

Shorty was the arch nemesis of Orleander. Mods have intervened in most of their cat fights because mods are gay and don't get turned on by two hot chicks fighting and pulling eachothers hair, and calling eachother dirty names like slut and whore! Ugh god yesss!!!

Sorry, got a little carried away...


Once, Shorty and Orleander snuck off and duked it out in the Sciforum coliseum, while sciforumers cheered them on.

But gay mods came in and broke it up before the final blow could be made. Sad :(


  • shorty_37 was the sex partner of nietzschefan until she found out he was a whore
  • shorty_37 drank nietzschefan's pee until she found out he was a whore
  • shorty_37 is from Canada 'eh!
  • shorty_37 thinks this is funny because it is the size of nietzschefan's penis: