Scientific renaissance

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The era in Europe where people were pulled from the dark ages into a wonderful world of scientific progress which included things such as the world war, the atomic bomb, and terrorism.


In medieval times semen was referred to as the elixir of life. A male peasant mob was gathered once a year into a cave or pit and given a protein rich diet consisting of eggs, fish and asparagus.

A statue of holy Mary was produced and the mob was given lead or tin cups. They collectively went to work to produce the elixir of life. Some old men incapable of producing were assigned to collect the elixir in a huge vat.

The peasant women now were lined up and given a mouthful of elixir. Of course they were not allowed to swallow it. They merely had to slosh it around in their mouth and then spit it in a different vat.

The oral flora and fauna of the peasant woman was therefore ingeniously used to start off a fermentation process.

The elixir was ripened for exactly one moon cycle.

A feast for the ruling feudal warlords was organized in which they ate roasted pig and drank fermented elixir of life.

Scientists believe that his made it possible for the scientific renaissance to start in Europe and not in the Middle East or China, despite the clear presence of the beginning of true science in these regions.