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SciForums redemption month was a one month expanse of time initiated by Plazma Inferno where members who were previously permabanned were given the opportunity to rejoin the forums. Their exiles were lifted temporarily starting January 14th 2008 - Ending February 14th 2008, pending their willingness to participate, or demonstration of acceptable behavior.[1]

List of members involved

Plazma Inferno listed the names of the members considered for redemption on the first page of the thread, and periodically signified their discontinued membership status by applying strike-though formatting to their user names.[2]

Redemption list
Member name: Status:
Theoryofrelativity Banned (told the moderators to "stick it where the sun don't shine"[3])
Dr Lou Natic Active
The Devil Inside Active
DarksidZz Active
Perplexity Banned (Unknown)[citation needed]
Singularity Banned (decided to lash out at the administration team[4])
Imaplanck Banned (told James R to lubricate then rectally insert SciForums[5])
Wanderer Banned (fatally critiqued community[6])
Reiku Banned (for being full of shit[7])
IceAgeCivilizations Banned (trolling[8])
TheDevilsReject Active
CrazyMikey Active
Spuriousmonkey Banned (went out in the blaze of glory........using anal porn[9])


SciForums redemption month announcement