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Roman is a member of Sciforums known for his banana, his dashing logic and rational looks. He is also the typical representative of the buffed up American student. There is also suspicion by some recently gone ex-members that he might have a classic case of "closeted syndrome", impairing the intellect from making simple rational observations.


  • Roman drinks his own pee.
  • Roman is very good at spotting and identifying sock puppets. He is also an ass.
  • Roman once asked James R to turn all of redarmy11's Sciforums posts into "little terminators" [1]. No-one knows why.
  • Roman started this Sciforums thread, the thought of which amuses some of us to this day.
  • Roman figured out that sauna was perplexity way before redarmy11[2].
  • Roman is not a citizen of Rome.
  • Roman is convinced that he "is the most handsome male member" of the forum while some other forum members only agree that he "is a male member"
  • Roman very much enjoys watching male gymnastics.