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Right in ethics

A right is the recognition of an interest.

To say that an interest is protected by a right is to say that the interest cannot legitimately be abrogated merely to benefit somebody else.

Right, as in direction

Right is also a direction, usually the opposite of left.

Right in politics

The political Right believes in the individual. Since it is every man for himself, government should be as small as possible, there should be no taxes and no welfare. The free market is paramount, and big corporations are more important and valuable than the people who serve them. If people can't drag themselves out of the gutter by their own efforts, then they deserve to stay there and rot.

The rich members of the Right are constantly worried that their riches, hard-won in the dog-eat-dog world they love, might be threatened and ultimately taken away from them. Thus, they tend to support war, guns and anything else they think will protect them from evil pinko communist lefties who are out to take away what they so richly deserve.