Reductio ad mesopotamium

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Reductio ad mesopotamium refers to the reducing of any argument about the Middle East, Middle Eastern society or political islamism to the Second Iraq War. In this vein, the comment:

"Religious minorities are oppressed in numerous islamic countries" 

would be responded to using reductio ad mesopotamium as:

"Oh, yeah?  Well they never found any WMDs.  So there."  

This logical fallacy was coined by GeoffP as he attempted to nail the jello that is hypewaders to the wall during a debate over domestic Saudi politics. Failing the successful crucifixion of his opponent, GeoffP has gone on to try to nail other flavours of jello to the wall and use sarcasm, irony and general derision in an attempt to reduce the remainder of the site to the Cesspool. Thankfully, this effort appears to be succeeding.

It is currently of debate as to whether people employing reductio ad mesopotamium are, in fact, brainless or spineless. It is generally agreed upon, however, that they should be speechless.

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