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ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing. It is often used in internet discussion forums and chat rooms, but physically it is impossible to type ROFL when rolling on the floor laughing except when you have a cordless keyboard. However, ROFL was already used before the cordless keyboard was invented. There is sometimes a "T" inserted between the "O" and "F" for ROTFL. This can be extended with "MAO" to make ROTFLMAO. "MAO" stands for "my ass off". Or "arse" in English. It is, in any case, a physical impossibility in either language, and one therefore tends to think that those who use the phrase are exaggerating the degree of their amusement somewhat. In a recent attempt to bring sanity back to the internet the UN has launched the SAL Project. It encourages people to use SAL instead of ROFL or LOL. SAL stands for "Smiling a Little". Many take this as objective proof that the UN rocks.